Friday, September 8, 2017

5 Quick Tips for Caravan Pilots

Today we're sharing a useful list for Caravan Pilots composed by our friends at Bush Pilot HQ! Visit this wonderful resource at

This may go without saying, but if you have a large fuel imbalance and no autopilot, you’ll feel it. Balancing fuel reduces the roll load you’ll feel when landing and taking off. Making your life easier.

Set your seat at a constant position, the same incline and height every time. If the height of your seat is consistently changing, the attitude that feels right for flaring changes. This is a good tip for any type of flying as well as the caravan.

Don’t forget the armrests! These are lifesavers, once I have levelled off, armrests = out. If you have passengers up front with you (like in Botswana), show them how the armrests work.

If you’re operating in a single crew environment use the overhead panel air vent for yourself and point the co-pilot’s in your direction. When you do have someone upfront with you, make sure to point it back at them or else you’re just being mean.

Take a towel or cloth with you for making the, “poor man’s sunshield” (see blog title picture for example). Things do get quite hot upfront in the caravan when you’re flying directly into the sun and that extra bit of protection makes a massive difference. It also protects your face from those harmful UV rays.

And finally, just a quick extra tip for making things slightly more comfortable for your passengers. Explain to them how the air vents are used, this may come easy to us but some passengers are unaware of these things.

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