Thursday, June 19, 2014

Former Penta Airlines Caravans at Santarem Brazil

I was upset to see these ex- Penta Airlines Grand Caravans: PT-MPB, PT-MPD and PT-MPG piled up in a field in Santarem Brazil, seen in the photo below. They should be in a hangar or at least properly tied down on a ramp. It obviously was not a pilot that ordered them to be tossed into the weeds like that. According to my friend Gustavo Bonato these "Caravans are waiting for a court decision before being sold. That decision has been delayed for at least 7 years and there's no perspective of it happening soon."

Photo by Michael Rodrigues da Silva
Penta Airlines was a Brazilian airline that operated from 1995-2005. They offered domestic flights all over Brazil and to neighboring French Guiana. It started out as an air taxi company named Pena Taxi Aereo and is where it derived its name Penta from. At its peak in 1998, it was servicing 34 cities and flew 235,000 passengers in: 7 Cessna Grand Caravans, 3 Embraer Brasilias, 2 Embraer Bandeirantes and 2 Bombardier Dash 8s.

Photo by Ricardo Hebmuller
The airline went out of business because of two main reasons. A currency exchange devaluation crisis that occurred in 1999 and then a year later the Brazilian Civil Aviation Agency temporarily suspended their operational license because of supposed maintenance issues.

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