Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Caravan vandalized at Skydive Byron Bay Australia

I don't know about you, but this is the very first airplane that I have ever seen that has been vandalized with spray paint. This incident happened at Tyagarah airport in Byron Bay NSW Australia to a C208 Caravan operated by Skydive Byron Bay.  

Apparently some airport neighbors that don't like the supposed "noise" armed their 9 year old kid with some spray paint and a knife.  I say a knife because the fuel tanks were found to have been punctured as well.  I'm hoping that the local police find the kids and their parents that are responsible for this disgusting act and throw them straight in jail and order them to pay back what it cost to fix it.  Which will be well into the tens of thousands of dollars, which for an uneducated low life family could take a decade or more to pay back.  

I am also hoping that the Caravan owner has since installed cameras and a lot of lighting on and around the ramp and tie down area. Ideally the owner would like the airplane hangared, but that would be a much greater expense.

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